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Meta Month, Day 8: Seth's wound (again!)

So, as a followup to yesterday's post, why is it precisely that Seth's wound hasn't healed? And when and how was it healed to begin with? He gets injured on the way to Frelia. Before reaching Frelia's capital they have to retake Border Mulan and they don't have access to a healer in between. In the game of course, you can patch him up with a Vulnerary. I officially ignore those when I write fic. I just... refuse to deal with them. They're a game mechanic plain and simple and I can't imagine writing something realistic with those things floating around making it so easy to heal up.

I'm going to suggests that his wound was bandaged up on the road, but not properly treated until they reached Frelia. I think that could also account for why it continues to bother him. If there's a delay in the treatment of a wound, it maybe doesn't heal as cleanly as one treated immediately by a healing staff. In his supports with Eirika, Seth even says that it may "afflict [him] to the end of [his] life." That suggests to me the sort of thing that a staff can't treat, like arthritis which can develop after an injury (again, this goes with my theory that he was injured in the shoulder area rather than the side).
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Meta Month, Day 7: The Limits of Healing

After having to deal with a very displeased digestive system last night, I found myself thinking about healing staves and what they can and can't do. It seems pretty well established in FE8 anyway, that staves can heal injures but not illnesses. After all, nothing can be done for Vigarde, and when Lyon talks about his research with the Dark Stone he goes on to say "Maybe we can use it not only to heal wounds, but also to stop diseases." So staves work on injuries. Okay.

Even when it comes to injuries, we know staves can't fix everything. Lyon mentions using the Stone to treat a burn victim who couldn't be helped by staves. There's the matter of Seth's wound that he says hasn't fully healed. And then there's the bit where L'Arachel offers to heal Ephraim's scars. Now, why can a staff heal a scar but not help Seth's wound?

When I write fic, one of the most important things I try to do in terms of battles is not make things too easy. If staves are a cure-all then there's little risk to the characters. I like to write it so that really serious injures, even if they can be healed by staves, may require several treatments over a period of days. Probably how soon the wound is treated affects how well the treatments works. I also think some wounds can't be treated. I you lose an eye on the battlefield that's that; it's gone. If your leg gets crushed to a pulp by a wyvern, there's not going to be enough material for the staff to reconstruct and they're going to have to amputate. Healing is also draining to staff users so I imagine a lot of triage has to be done when there's a whole army to treat.

As for the scars, my guess is that since that's only a cosmetic detail, then perhaps that's a simple matter to heal.
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Meta Month, Day 6: Underwear!

I was exceedingly busy today and as a result I really can't come up with anything very deep to talk about... so let's go with under-things. I had the misfortune once of reading a fic that had Kyle wearing boxers. Because naturally the all-important question of boxers or briefs can be traced back to the fifteenth century. Naturally. *headdesk*

Okay, so while the character portraits have most of the boys in very modern-looking trousers, I really don't think we can have them modern underwear, if, for no other reason, than the lack of elastic bands. A more reasonable alternative would be a layer of light draw-string trousers, perhaps knee-length, which is a lot closer to something historically accurate. I suppose it's less sexy but as I don't write smut, I really don't care. ;P

As for what the girls are wearing under those skirts... I don't even want to go there.
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Meta Month, Day 5: Foodstuffs... and fic

Man, I don't know how I'm supposed to come up with 25 more of these. O_o

I can't compare with mark_asphodel's excellent post about the regional dishes of Magvel, but I had wanted to follow up the climate post with a few comments on the available foodstuffs.
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On a related note, the one good thing that came out of reading that ridiculous book, was that I wrote a piece for one of my unfinished projects. It was for one of the mission_insane tables, the "textures" one. The whole thing is meant to be a collection of linked pieces. Since I don't know if I'll even finish the whole thing, I figure I'll go ahead and post the "wood" chapter on LJ... It's just some Seth/Eirika fluff involving lots of food.
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Meta Month, Day 4: Climate

I have to admit something. I've written several stories in which it snows in Renais, but I have absolutely no canon evidence that it does. I just really like to write about winter. Magvel seems to be vaguely European – northern European even – so snow isn't unlikely if that's the case.

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Meta Month, Day 3: Games

I was chatting with saffiremoon21 tonight and asked if she had ideas for a post. She suggested Joshua's favourite pastime: games. (Okay gambling games specifically in Joshua's case). So I was checking the game scripts and support conversations to try to track down what's mentioned.

Of course there's betting at the arenas. Joshua likes to place bets on coin tosses as we see often enough. Dicing is one of the oldest forms of gambling and though we don't see Joshua play dice, he does say in his B support with Marisa that he prefers "rolling the dice to swinging the

What's really interesting is what's not mentioned: cards. Cards are now one of the most common forms of gaming but they're a relatively recent invention compared to dice. Our modern deck is based off the minor arcana of the tarot deck. According to Wiki anyway, they came to Europe in the late fourteenth century. The earliest decks were handmade but printed ones followed. Another site suggests that "the printed or mechanically-produced versions, cruder in design and execution, were viewed simultaneously by larger audiences but were prone to deteriorate more rapidly especially if they were heavily used." I imagine, though, that it was a while before card decks became widely affordable.

So I can think of a couple of reasons why Joshua never mentions cards.

1) They don't exist in Magvel, or have only recently come into use for games.

2) They do exist, but are still a luxury item and Joshua doesn't want to blow his cover of being only a mercenary.

(Ack! This makes me want to write fic and I need to concentrate on my original story right now!)
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Meta Month, Day 2: Seth's wound

I'm pretty tired so let's go with something simple. Seth is wounded at the start of FE8. We're never told the exact nature of the wound. He only says that it "does not affect [his] lance arm." I've had some people tell me they thought the wound was in his side, and I've seen some doujinshi artists depict it that way as well.

It's always made more sense to me, though, for the wound to be near his shoulder, around or beneath his collar bone. I think he could still get away with saying it doesn't affect his arm in that case. A wound in the side makes less sense to me because Seth would be wearing plate-mail and have a breastplate covering his chest and sides. The joints of the armour are typically more vulnerable, I believe and there were of course lots of joints in the articulated sections of the armour, such as at the shoulders and elbows. It makes a lot more sense to me to think that Valter's lance managed to get through a joint in Seth's shoulder armour than to imagine it somehow breaking through the solid sheet of metal over his ribs.

I even checked one my reference books and I think it backs me up:

"Clearly there was little point in using a cutting weapon against plate-armour; a powerful thrust might, in contrast, find a weak joint and penetrate it."

Michael Prestwich. Armies and Warfare in the Middle Ages: The English Experience.
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Meta Month, Day 1: Time Period

Okay, I'll bite. Meta isn't usually my thing – basically I make up background information when I need it for a specific fic – but Meta Month sounds fun so I'm going to have a go at it. Obviously Magvel will be my focus and I make no promise that I will actually manage thirty posts or that any of them will be very interesting. ;P On the up side, I can actually use ten of them for mission_insane since they have a non-fiction genre box for just this sort of discussion. *shameless opportunist* ;D

Day 1
Magvel – Time period

It's pretty obvious that many of the FE games are pretty slapdash about consistency and historical detail. Trying to reconcile the conflicting info in the games is the path to madness. That said, when I started writing fic for FE8 I had to decide on a time frame if only for my own sanity. What I settled on was fifteenth to sixteenth century and I can recall three reasons for this.

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So how's that for meta post number one? (It even had pictures! ;D )

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