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2018 Yuletide letter

Dear author,

Thank you for writing me a story! I look forward to Yuletide every year (this is my fourth one) so I hope you get to have fun doing it. You can find my fics on ffnet and Ao3 as wolfraven80.

As usual, I'm going recycle some of what I wrote last year since I still want some of the same things.

I'm hoping for something that has a happy ending and is fairly light, i.e. no angst, death, dark themes, etc. For some of these I listed characters in pairs, but if you'd rather write about friendship rather pairing them, that's fine. If you got the prompt House of Many Doors, dark themes to the extent the game has them is fine.

My "No" list: Please no non-con, dubcon, NC-17, incest, animal death, main character death, or dark themes generally (e.g. cutting, suicide, etc.).


Lockwood & Co. - Lockwood/Lucy

I said no "dark themes" above, right? So obviously these stories are creepy and spooky but they're not hideously violent so basically if it keeps with the theme of the books and the same middle-grade level ghost story that's totally fine. As for Lucy and Lockwood, they're by far my favourites in the series and I'm also sucker for stories where friendship develops into romance. I love how companionable they are in the last book and how it ends with the necklace.

A story about what happens after book five would be fantastic, whether it be Lowood and Lucy figuring out their feelings, or the Lockwood and Co. on a case, or just hanging around Portland Row. If you want to have any of the rest of cast drop in go for it–I love all of them. Here are some random ideas but feel free to go with whatever strikes your fancy: a scene where they get to meet Holly's "roommate"; one of George's research projects gone awry; a run-in with an overcurious journalist; side effects of their journey through dark London. Or something else completely! I just want to spend more time with these awesome characters and see Lucy and Lockwood get to spend some time together.

House of Many Doors -- Harmony Ricketts

I love the bizarre world they created for this game: the strange locales; the fact that so many people in the House have come from other worlds, some of them like ours, and some very different; the mix of human and non-humans trapped there. I'd love to see any of the game's locations and lore show up. There so much weirdness and it's all fantastic.

The one thing I should mention is that while the game does deal with a lot of gorey and terrible events, it does so in such an understated way that it's not distressing to read. So please feel free to write something weird and creepy and unsettling, but I'd appreciate it if you'd didn't push it any further than the game does.

Harmony's story was my favourite of all the ones I've seen. I'm not sure why but it was weirdly fascinating to see her transform herself. And I really love that the player/captain gets to save during her final procedure. How do the other crew members react to Harmony's transformation? Does she ever properly thank the captain for all her help? What else does she want to see or do in the House? How does she even sleep with all those spikes in her back? Tell me any sort of story about her and feel free to toss in any of the other characters.

Magical Diary – Virginia

So here's the thing about Virginia: it sounds very much like she's on the asexual spectrum. Magical Diary was the first time I ever came across an ace character in a game and I can't tell you how happy I was with how they handled her character and the romance. I love both how Virginia expresses her discomfort, and how (assuming you choose to pursue the route with Virginia) the main character respects that, she respects her feelings and is willing to pursue that relationship even if it unconventional.

I'd love to see any story about Virginia whether it be on the romance path or not. Random ideas: A regular day with her hanging out with MC; telling her family about her school year; what does she do during break? Does she keep pursuing her dream of being an athlete?
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