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2017 Yuletide letter

Dear author,

I hope you'll have fun during Yuletide and thanks so much for writing me a story!

This is my third Yuletide. If you want to check my existing stories, those I’ve written in the past two years are on Ao3 and crossposted to ffnet. The rest are on ffnet under the same user name, wolfraven80.

Also, I’m going recycle some of what I wrote last year since I’m requesting a couple of the same things.

I'm hoping for something that has a happy ending and is fairly light, i.e. no angst, death, dark themes, etc. For some of these I listed characters in pairs, but if you’d rather write about friendship rather pairing them, that’s fine. If you got the prompt for House of Many Doors, dark themes to the extent the game has them is fine.

My "No" list: Please no non-con, dubcon, NC-17, incest, animal death, main character death, or dark themes generally.


Enchanted Forest - Telemain/Morwen

I loved how the third book in the series really focusses on their dynamic. You get to see very clearly how Morwen, in spite of her impatience with Telemain, is really concerned about him when he's straining himself with the transportation spells and then when he gets knocked out in the swamp. And then in the fourth book she has to patch him up again and somehow that leads to off-camera marriage proposal. They're a bit of an odd couple, but they work so well together and that always made me smile.

Lockwood & Co. - Lockwood/Lucy

I said no "dark themes" above, right? So obviously these stories are creepy and spooky but they're not hideously violent so basically if it keeps with the theme of the books and the same middle-grade level ghost story that's totally fine. As for Lucy and Lockwood, they're by far my favourites in the series and I'm also sucker for stories where friendship develops into romance.

P.S. I haven't read the fifth book yet but will have before Yuletide is done so feel free to use any info from that book.

House of Many Doors -- Fiona

I wish I had nominated this since I could have added more of my favourite characters, but, to be honest, I wasn't sure about nominating something that didn't have a single fic written yet. I'm in the middle of the game right now. I've explored everything that's not locked and been through several of the locked doors, but I'm putting off finishing the game to do more of the crew stories.

I love the bizarre world they created for this game: the strange locales; the fact that so many people in the House have come from other worlds, some of them like ours, and some very different; the mix of human and non-humans trapped there.

If I recall correctly, Fiona is a native of the House, born and raised in Fargyle Keep. I'd love to hear about her travels and adventures either before/during/or after she joins the kinetopod crew. What does she do with the sword she finds? What did she do before we meet her? Does being a native rather than a transplant change her perspective on what it means to live in the House? And I'd love to see any of the game's locations and lore show up. There so much weirdness and it's all fantastic.

The one thing I should mention is that while the game does deal with a lot of gorey and terrible events, it does so in such an understated way that it's not distressing to read. So please feel free to write something weird and creepy and unsettling, but I'd appreciate it if you'd didn't push it any further than the game does.

SMT IV: Apocalypse Flynn/Isabeau

One of the things I found fascinating/distressing about the game was the way this alternate version of the story sort of hijacks Flynn's neutral ending from the original game. Basically instead of him getting to be the hero, he gets kidnapped and turned into a passive victim (and ultimately an enemy) until the very last phase of the game. His story gets hijacked and derailed by Nanashi. The whole thing must have been really difficult for Flynn to bear once he woke up and realized what had happend.

Meanwhile, Isabeau had to deal with her closest friend–and the only connection she still has to her home–being taken captive. We don't see her as much as I'd like in the game, but when we do it's obvious that she's really worried about Flynn. And then that whole thing with the fake Flynn. I always wonder if she blamed herself for not realizing he was a fake.

So yeah go ahead and write something that takes places during the game or after the neutral ending. I ship them but even if it's just camaraderie or friendship, I just want to see more of these two and get more insight on how the story looked from their pespective.
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