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Yuletide 2015 letter

Dear author,

First of all, thank you. :) And sorry for the empty AO3 page–- this is my first Yuletide and I created my account just a few weeks ago so I could participate. If you’re curious about my existing fanfics, they’re all on ffnet under the same username wolfraven80.

Mainly I’m looking for something that has a happy ending and is fairly light, i.e. no angst, death, dark themes, etc. I basically listed characters in pairs, but if you don’t ship them then that’s fine; a story about friendship would be okay too. My aim here is to not be too picky. As it's my first time participating in Yuletide I wasn't sure how much or how little direction to give. If you’ve got questions feel free to poke me here or on my Tumblr where I’m more active these days–-and anon comments are open.

My “No” list: Please no non-con, dubcon, NC-17, incest, gore, main character death, or dark themes generally.


Radiant Historia – Stocke/Raynie

The thing I found really interesting about these two is that to get the good ending (and their ending as well) you have to go through all the dead end nodes. The implication, I think, is that Stocke experiences all the wrong paths and remembers them, including the one where he stays with Raynie in Skalla. They spend a year together and then Stocke has to go back and try another path. He would remember that year even though she wouldn’t.

Enchanted Forest – Telemain/Morwen

I loved how the third book in the series really focusses on their dynamic. You get to see very clearly how Morwen, in spite of her impatience with Telemain, is really concerned about him when he’s straining himself with the transportation spells and then when he gets knocked out in the swamp. And then in the fourth book she has to patch him up again and somehow that leads to off-camera marriage proposal. They’re a bit of an odd couple, but they work so well together and that always made me smile.

Lockwood and Co. – Lockwood/Lucy

Admission: I only just started book three–but I’ll be done soon so no worry about spoilers but I am, at present, a little behind.

I said no “dark themes” above, right? So obviously these stories are creepy and spooky but they’re not hideously violent so basically if it keeps with the theme of the books and the same middle-grade level ghost story that’s totally fine. As for Lucy and Lockwood, they’re by far my favourites in the series and I’m also sucker for stories where friendship develops into romance down the line. Busy if it’s present day to the series then friendship is just fine since they’re pretty young and busy dealing with the Problem. A story about an adventure of theirs or what they do on typical day or just what happens when they’re sorting through all those sources and other knick-knacks in the house–pretty much any goes!
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