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Drabble Meme

First, a quick question... Does anyone around here besides saffiremoon21 use Tumblr as a personal or fandom blog? If so, how's that's working out for you? I like Tumblr for pics, but it seems a lot less comment-friendly than LJ.

Also, in an attempt to keep myself sane while working on my revision, I'm going to offer to write propmts... for the two or three people who still read my LJ.

Drabble Meme

Leave me a pairing, a time, and a place, and I will write a drabble based on them. If you want, specify whether it’s a friendship or relationship pairing. Also, if you want a third character go ahead request that too. I can take it!

Example: Geoffrey/Elincia, during a snowstorm, in the stables. Or, Knoll, Natasha, 10 yrs after the war, Grado.

Usual fandoms apply (you can always ask if you're not sure) with the addition of Mass Effect, though I'm limited to femShep there and ship her with Kaidan so...
Tags: alistair/warden, dragon age origins, meme, seth/eirika
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