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Why do I have a paid account?

So I finally, finally finished my first draft, months overdue. I already know I need to change a bunch of things before I can show it to my readers but hopefully it'll be quick.

I meant to be finished ages ago, but I've been so low-energy this year and then I got the flu in March and was laid up for a week and half--used all my sick days--and was tried for ages after. Turns out my iron was really low. Feeling a lot better now. Actually, I feel a lot more like myself.

I'm still not sure how things will go with my readers. A couple of my friends volunteered but neither of them reads much young adult fiction and one of them... well she reads things that make me cringe. In fact she finds my cringing very amusing and keeps threatening to wallpaper my cubicle with pages from Twilight. :/

Also there has been much playing of Mass Effect 3--in spite of its having possibly the stupidest ending in the history of gaming. But the rest of the game was amazing so I'm pretending the ending never happened. I'm also weirdly addicted to Multiplayer. Go figure.

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