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25 December 2011 @ 09:50 pm
drabble meme  
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all of you enjoying festivities and vacations. I myself am finally, finally off (I was working until noon Friday). Things have been crazy the past few days and I'm exhausted so it's nice to finally have some time off.

I'm hoping to get some good work done on the tail-end of my original, fic but I also want to have a little fanfiction fun on the side. So, if anyone would care to participate here is a little drabble meme.

Drabble meme snitched and tweaked from Tumblr:

1. Give me a character or pairing, from a universe/fandom I know, and you enjoy.

2. I’ll hit ‘shuffle’ in my music collection, and I will write you a drabble based on the song you picked.

3. If the song is horrible, or I can’t work with it, I’ll hit Shuffle again - but that’s a last-ditch caveat. I will do my best to make something with every song. No matter how absurd.
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Starlitladystarlitlady on December 26th, 2011 12:55 pm (UTC)
Merry Christmas! <3

Hmm... how about Tana or Tethys? Paired or not paired is fine. :3
wolfraven80: FE:SS With This Swordwolfraven80 on December 31st, 2011 05:40 am (UTC)
Song: Alice by Moby
Because trippy techno songs always make me think of Tana. O_o

(Also as a side note, there's no official lyric sheet for this song and the lyrics on the internet are clearly wrong so the ones posted here are my best guess.)

My head keeps turnin' turnin'
Like Russian roulette
Thoughts are like bullets
I cannot do this...do this...do this... do this... do this

'Cause this is the right world
This is the wrong world
This is the one world
This is the done world
This is the thought world
This is the sharp word
Can you be caught girl? Here in the thought world.

The hardest part for Tana was not, as perhaps it should have been, when they faced the Demon King himself, but rather when she stepped through the yawning gates of the Black Temple and said farewell to the sky.

She paused a moment on the threshold, glancing over her shoulder at a sliver of grey sky, her chest clenching at the thought that it might be the last time. Her racing thoughts returned to the conversation a few minutes prior with her brother. Innes's air–sober at the best of times– now, downright sombre. The weight of his hands on her shoulders. The hint of softness in his voice, so rare for him.

"Tana, as crown prince of Frelia–" And then as she opened her mouth to snap an objection, "And as your brother, I would ask you to stay outside with the rearguard."

"What? No. You're not leaving me behind!"

"If anything happens to me, you are Frelia's only heir. It's absolute folly for us both to go on."

She crossed her arms, set her jaw, and stared him down. "If we don't seal away the Demon King then it won't matter whether or not there's an heir at all."

"You're shaking."

And though she hated it, it was true. Every limb betrayed her. She could feel the evil that oozed from the temple like a thick mist, filling her lungs with despair and terror. The black stone pillars on either side of the entrance were carved with scenes from nightmares, the Demon King's deeds in the last war and the feats of his minions. She shuddered to look on them, to look into the gaping maw of the temple, and to know that to pass through them would mean to give up her place in the heavens. On Achaeus's back she could see the whole of the battlefield, dive in and away; she was always free. To face the Demon King she would have to enter the temple and be entombed by its thick stone walls.

It would be so easy to stay behind, to give in to Innes's entirely reasonable request. No one would think the less of her for it. Just a word, a nod of her head, was all it would take.

But when she looked past Innes she could see Erika standing on the steps of the Black Temple, adjusting her scabbard, peering into the darkness of the abyss. She, too, was second to the throne of her country. By all rights she, too, should stay behind.

"Tana?" Tana started as she felt a slender hand on her shoulder. She looked over toe find Eirika, standing next to her in the threshold of the temple. "Are you all right?"

She offered Eirika a wan smile. "Yes. I'm all right," she said and stepped through the gateway into the Black temple.

The sky was behind her, but her dear, brave friend was beside her.
Starlitladystarlitlady on January 4th, 2012 03:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Song: Alice by Moby
That was really beautiful; I like this take on Tana. I think this suits her really well. Loved it! <3