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Yeah, I should be writing *right now*

So has everyone survived finals? Must say that's something I certainly don't miss...

I'm still working on my YA novel. I expect it'll be a bit shorter than I'd first thought. I'm currently at 38.8k (and I'd bloody well better get to 40k tonight) and the first draft is looking like it'll be 50k or so, though I'm already aware of a number of things I'll have to flesh out in the second draft.

I keep vacillating between totally believing in it... and worrying about not being original enough, that the pacing is all wrong and I'm making the same mistakes as in my last novel, and whether I should've done it in the first person (since that's what everyone else is doing *groan*). Confidence FTW!

Then there's the matter of lining up readers when I get the second draft done. I've pretty well lost touch with the two people who read my novel, which is too bad as they gave solid feedback, but I don't think they read YA anyway.

In other news, I do want to submit a short piece for the latest fe_contest prompt. I've been trying to work on it on weeknights. Because it's a short, light piece I can manage to do it in spurts, which I've never been able to manage with longer fic. I can't stand writing guides that advise people to write a tiny bit ever day. I'm like: Screw that! I'm just gonna write a whole lot on weekends! *shrugs* Well it works anyway. I find I can't get any flow going if I'm only working for a short while.

EDIT: 40,197 :)
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