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Meta Month, post #12: Interrelated supports

So here's the last meta I wrote while I was still on vacation and was too tired to post this week:

One thing that always amuses me with supports is the way they sometimes make reference to other supports. Some of them connect in interesting ways:

Kyle mentions his competitiveness with Forde in his support with Lute. Franz bring it up in his supports with Amelia as well. Seth compares Natasha to Eirika ("You and Eirika... What am I going to do about you? You seem hell-bent on throwing away your lives in this conflict.") He seems to have a type, doesn't he? ;P And then there's Kyle and Lute's A support which, ironically, makes reference to each one's other possible pairing:

Kyle: I guessed that much. What I mean is, do you have any hobbies?

Lute: Hobbies?

Kyle: That's right. Take me, for example. I like to collect carved figurines
of animals. I have a small collection of them back home at Renais. How about

Lute: Does monk-watching count?

Lute of course is referring to Artur. If you read through Kyle's supports with Syrene, you'll find out that he started carving and collecting animal figurines after she gave him one ten years ago.

Vanessa is another great case. Her feelings for Innes are mentioned in at least two other supports outside of her support with Innes. In her B support Forde talks about her having a crush on Innes. Moulder mentions it in her supports with him as well; in fact all of her supports with Moulder are about her feelings for Innes. (Vanessa must be a terrible poker player as everyone seems to know her feelings on the matter). In their B support, Syrene knows Vanessa is pining for someone and it doesn't sound like Forde:

Vanessa: Thank you, I guess. I'll do my best... Sometimes I think that if I were more like you--you know, a great knight, an attractive woman, and just all-around perfect--I'd have a better chance with him. ... Hmmm. That didn't sound as pathetic in my head as it did out loud.
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