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Meta Month, Day 11: The magic number ten

I'm back to work tomorrow so probably won't be able to keep up with LJ so well. I do have a couple more meta posts written, though, so if I only get to twelve, that's still not too bad, I suppose. Anyway, on with more meta about the randomness of the FE8 script.

So... Has anyone noticed how much was going on in Magvel ten years ago?

I've been doing key word searches through the support and game scripts to look for info for some of my posts. In doing so I kept come across the phrase "ten years ago." Here's what was going on for our cast then:

-Kyle met Syrene when he went to Frelia to deliver a message to King Hayden. He was subsequently attack by bandits.
-Franz's father hunted down and killed an infamous assassin and died in the process
-Innes, who was only a child, outmatched a trick archer who was visiting Frelia (Moulder/Vanessa B support)
-Garcia retired from his position of troop commander for Renais
-Joshua left Jehanna to roam the continent

Busy time for them all, eh? In fact it sounds like things were a bit unsettled at the time. It would make for an interesting fic, I think to try to link some of these events. After all, one of the great mysteries of FE8 is where these people got all their battle experience when there's supposed to have been 800 years of peace.
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