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Meta Month, Day 8: Seth's wound (again!)

So, as a followup to yesterday's post, why is it precisely that Seth's wound hasn't healed? And when and how was it healed to begin with? He gets injured on the way to Frelia. Before reaching Frelia's capital they have to retake Border Mulan and they don't have access to a healer in between. In the game of course, you can patch him up with a Vulnerary. I officially ignore those when I write fic. I just... refuse to deal with them. They're a game mechanic plain and simple and I can't imagine writing something realistic with those things floating around making it so easy to heal up.

I'm going to suggests that his wound was bandaged up on the road, but not properly treated until they reached Frelia. I think that could also account for why it continues to bother him. If there's a delay in the treatment of a wound, it maybe doesn't heal as cleanly as one treated immediately by a healing staff. In his supports with Eirika, Seth even says that it may "afflict [him] to the end of [his] life." That suggests to me the sort of thing that a staff can't treat, like arthritis which can develop after an injury (again, this goes with my theory that he was injured in the shoulder area rather than the side).
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